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Office Chair DeathMatch (OCDM) is a top-down, pixel art racing game. You impersonate a new employee in a large company, who is received with the weirdest policy: all the employees must participate by law in an office chair racing tournament, not exactly as a team building activity.

In this tournament, the employees compete to (literally) fight and destroy each other’s chairs, earning chair pieces to repair theirs every time a fight is won or permanently losing them if it gets destroyed. Things got even more real with this rule: the winner of each race has the right to swap his chair with any of the eligible losers, permanently.

The OCDM is already part of the company's culture to the point where it's almost a salvage celebration in the most tribal way. Everything is made using office stuff: from the tracks to the power-ups through all the floors of the company.

Game status

OCDM is currently in development with all its mechanics already coded. As we start to create the art for it, we wanted to share bits of the gameplay through a demo. The final game is intended to include 6 floors: factory, call center, web department, art department, sales and management, each one of them adding a new power-up or mechanic, and each floor will develop at least 9 tracks and a cool story because racing for no reason is boring (although you can skip the dialogues if you want).

Our current demo features single player experience, the first 2 tracks, the actual dialogues with placeholder animations, basic in-game assets, 5 controller presets (including AZERTY), and the repair/rebuild chair mechanic. We're planning to release more demos to showcase other mechanics, like the main one: the fights.

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